Can't fight the

An Albany artist was working on a project where he would create 365 pieces of art in as many days. You may have seen some of it. Each piece was drilled into a telephone pole in Albany.

After 107 successful days, the Times Union picked up the story, and unfortunately the attention has put a stop to the project. The way I understand it, Nat Grid charges companies to put stuff on their poles, like camera's. Allowing this artist to do it for free would mean they would have to allow those other companies to put things on their pole for free as well.

First of all, I don't think that's how things work. You own the pole, you make the rules. Second, if that is truly the reason, then you have been failing at keeping stuff off your poles for years. You can tell with just a little CSI action on the poles and all the staples and nails in them from fliers.