The elite US Navy Seal Team Six, infamous for taking down Osama bin Ladin, has had several team members punished severely for disclosing classified information to help create the latest installment of the Medal of Honor video game. 

Seal Team Six, Naval heroes whom have disposed of public enemy number one, the man responsible for 9/11, have been punished for disclosing classified information to the makers of Medal of Honor: War Fighter.

Seven of the Seals were paid to be consultants for Electronic Art's latest Medal of Honor video game. Right on the main page of the game's website even states "Fight With Seal Team Six."  Naturally, our word leaders have a major issue with the country's highly regarded secrets being doled out to gamers everywhere.

Reports state that all seven Seals involved have been given letters of reprimand on top of losing half of their pay for two months.  The Seals signed nondisclosure agreements, causing such a steep loss of pay.  Of the seven active Seals, one was involved in the bin Laden raid.

Not quite sure what ran through the minds of the Seals when they decided to consult on the video game. One would think that disclosing any of that information is a HUGE no no.  I thought for sure they would be dismissed from the team, but then again, they are the best of the best and are not exactly replaceable.  I also have no ill feelings toward the seals.  Despite the fact that they helped out a video game maker, these guys are out there protecting us while facing the most undesirable conditions.  What are your thoughts -  do you love the fact that Medal of Honor is legit with real first hand knowledge or do you think that some secrets are better off staying mum?