This is a question that I have been hearing a lot of people asking, including myself.  Now hearing why it all makes perfect sense.


Yesterday when I heard that Osama Bin Laden had been killed I did a big fist pump and  a hell yeah.  Then when I heard that he had been buried at sea I kind of raised my eye brows.  Why would we get rid of the body so quickly?  Was it actually him?  I felt like such an asshole for questioning things, but quickly learned I wasn't the only one.  Later that morning it all made perfect sense once I had watched the news a little bit more.

So why the burial at sea?  There were a couple reasons for that. Reason one:  So that there wasn't an established grave site for his supporters to treat as a shrine.  Totally makes sense to me.  We can't make this guy a martyr for his cause, simply because his "cause" is world wide murder of innocent people.  Reason 2:  No country would take him.  Not even his home country of Saudi Arabia wanted his body and according to Muslim traditions he needs to be buried soon after his death.  Burial at sea was the only option if we wanted to at least observe his religious views.

I know that people keep saying they want proof, they want to see the body but I think we have a enough to go on without seeing some corpse.  Our President wouldn't come on national television at almost midnight to report on a lie.  Al Qaeda has also commented on the death of one it's most famous leaders saying there will be retaliation.  If his party is commenting on the death it has to be real.  For those of you who need "proof" there are photos, but who knows when those will be available to the public.  Bottom line is, to quote Q-Tease Amanda, there is one less monster in the world and that's good enough for me.