So cool to see a local business that does so much more than just sell baked goods get some national attention!

If you haven't visited Puzzles Bakery and Cafe at 515 State St. in Schenectady then you may not know that it is so much more than a bakery and cafe. Sure they serve breakfast and lunch daily but did you know that about three quarters of their employees have developmental disabilities.

In fact the owners told the Daily Gazette that their bakery serves as a vessel to facilitate their mission which is "to help people with developmental disabilities". Well it looks like NBC and the 'TODAY' show caught wind of that mission statement and decided to send a crew out to interview and shadow the employees at Puzzles and highlight the good that they are doing there.

Apparently the segment will start as an online story and if enough people are interested it could be featured on a later episode of the 'TODAY' show. Hopefully the producers will see enough interest put it on the show, which airs 7 to 9 a.m. weekdays locally on Channel 13, WNYT. Even more so that their mission inspires others to be a little more inclusive in their communities.

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