Coming off 2 big winners on Wild Card Weekend, let’s try and cash one more ticket to wrap up the week! 

If you’re wondering what 2 big winners I’m talking about, check out Friday’s predictions I had for the NFL this past weekend. First, I’d like to say that I don’t care much for Cam Newton and his “I didn’t know what my father was doing” routine. I think he’s full of it and would enjoy nothing more than to see the Ducks throw a beat down on the Tigers. None the less, I generally don’t make picks with my heart and prefer to take teams that are emotionally motivated. And tonight I think Oregon will be more up for this game. Why? They’ve been # 2 behind Auburn most of the year and are probably pretty tired of that feeling, and hearing about the “Best player in college football.” But, I think the biggest motivation for Oregon is that they were supposed to win the Rose Bowl last year and were shocked by the Buckeyes. I think that sour taste of losing the big game has been in their mouths for an entire year and look at this as a great way to make up for that disappointment! I sense most people will be taking Cam Newton and the Auburn Tigers, and it’s tough to go wrong when you’re going against the public. Lastly, head coach of the Ducks, Chip Kelly is from NH. Hey, that’s where I’m from! So in addition to rooting for the home town hero, it’s like cheering for the little guy. Ok, so I guess I’m a little bit of homer. Both teams have plenty of fire power, but I really think that Oregon will be better prepared for the distractions leading into a game like this, and get a chance to get rid of that nasty taste with being #1! Let’s go Chip!

Oregon +1