Every once and a while when reminiscing with friends I will hear some of them talk about the different fake ID's they had when they were younger. They used them to get into bars, buy alcohol before reaching legal age, etc. We usually get a big laugh from the stories but it's not always funny.

Did your kids get caught using a fake ID in New York this Summer? If they went to a concert and tried to buy alcohol there is a good chance they were one of the nearly 600 that were snagged. Many of those are from the Capital Region.

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During the Summer months New York State Police partnered with DMV investigators and concert venues around the State to crack down on underage drinking which often starts with a fake ID, the campaign was called Operation Prevent.

DMV investigators are experts in spotting fake IDs and use state of the art equipment to validate the authenticity of an ID, so fakes are not worth buying. If you're under 21, we urge you to just enjoy the music and don't risk your life, your safety and the safety of others by consuming alcohol. - Department of Motor Vehicles Commissioner Mark J.F. Schroeder

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Here is the breakdown of citations and confiscations, according to Governor Hochul:

    • Central NY - 41 citations, 41 fake ID seizures
    • Long Island - 83 citations, 92 fake ID seizures
    • Capital Region - 168 citations, 172 fake ID seizures
    • Finger Lakes - 259 citations, 275 fake ID seizures
    • Total - 551 citations, 580 fake ID seizures

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