This year there have been so many stories of stores shutting their doors and businesses filing for bankruptcy that it's nice to see that a new store is opening up in the Capital District.

Amazon has announced that they are opening up one of their new Amazon 4-Star store in Crossgates Mall in Guilderland. Amazon describes their new brick and mortar stores as being filled with products with a four-star rating from Amazon customers, as well as top sellers and a selection of "new and trending" items.

I do think it's kind of ironic that the website that put so many brick and mortar stores out of business is now opening their own locations. Although, I will admit the idea of being able to pick up your Amazon items instore will be really great for impatient people that can't wait two days for their Prime purchases. Also, in the new Amazon 4-Star stores Amazon Prime members will always pay the online price in store.

Amazon is planning on opening 31 new 4-Star stores around the country. This would be the second location in New York state. The other location is in Manhatten.

Currently, there's no opening date for the new 4-Star Amazon store in Crossgates Mall, but we do know that it will be on the second floor near the Lord and Tayler store that is closing and almost directly above the Apple store according to The Times Union.

Currently, Amazon also has Amazon Pop-Up stores, Amazon Go grocery stores, and Amazon Books. Some of these stores, like Amazon Go, operate without human cashiers. The store uses sensors to track what you're buying and then your Amazon account is charged.

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