If you're traveling the Thruway you might notice something a little different at a couple exits where you pay your toll. Although they aren't operational yet the new "cashless" toll lanes are ready to go live later this year.

The first two cashless tolls are at Exit 21B to Coxsackie and at Exit 22 to Selkirk. These are the first two of 70 that will be installed later this year  for when the $355 million cashless system goes live.

The new system will take a picture and scan your license plate and send you a bill in the mail. Of course if you have EZ Pass it will work like it always has.

Last year it was announced that there would be different tolls for drives that had EZ Pass and those that didn't. Also, EZ Pass from surrounding states would pay a higher toll as well.

The Thruway Authority says that these new cashless tolls will make travel quicker, safer and more convenient on the Thruway. I guess only time will tell. I for one will be glad not to dig for change in my cup holder every time I drive the Thruway.

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