Being a product of the video game culture from the 80's and 90's, I had the privilege of playing the original first person shooters, when they were released for the PC. Doom was always my favorite, so I am kind of excited for this.


I liked Wolfenstein my Grandfather was in World War 2, so I like to shoot Nazi's but I love Javanese people is it irony or a coincidence?

I liked Duke Nukem, I used to play my friends in Death matches, we used this thing called a 'dial up modem' and it was hours of fun until someone tried to make a phone call.

Now I feel old and silly, reminiscing about when a kid who had two land lines, was the envy of those who only had one.

I don't know about all of you, but when it came to shooting Nazis, Aliens or Demons, I always preferred the Demons.

Then the Rock had to go and make that terrible movie, I talked to some people that read the Doom books, because I forgot there was a story that went along with blowing up the demons, none of them liked the movie.

I am glad that they keep bringing back the games of my youth.

Like Gauntlet...