Shopping online can be quick and easy but there are some items you want to see, hold and hear before buying. For me, purchasing a vinyl record needs to happen in a store. If you feel the same we will have a new Capital Region shop to flip through by this Spring. Welcome Sound House Records, King Street in Troy!

Saratoga Living reports that those behind Sound House Records chose Troy because they were drawn to the city’s walkable downtown area and its strong community vibe. As far as the vibe of the store, it is expected to be a place where "you’ll be able to walk into Sound House, whether you’re an avid collector or new radical, and not feel like you’re being put down or forced to buy the coolest new record or rarest, most expensive item."

I will never forget my very first vinyl. When I was about 10 years old I went to our local department store and purchased Destroyer by KISS and I never looked back. I used to stare at the cover and wonder if they were real people or super heroes or something. Hey, I was 10.


Over the years I've purchased hundreds of albums and each one holds a unique set of memories and marker in time. Here are the 5 albums, including Destroyer, that I could not get enough of and eventually wore out.


Back In Black - AC/DC - I used to take the speakers to my Emerson Stereo and have them face each other. Then I would stick my head in-between them and crank the entire album. At 54 I don't advise this but man it was great!


The Wall - Pink Floyd - Immediately takes me back to Junior High School. Even though "Another Brick in the Wall" (Part 2) was all over FM Radio, I focused more on the story told by these mysterious musicians from England. It was theater of the mind at it's finest. An audio book before audio books became so popular.


1 - Van Halen - The very first time I heard Van Halen I was learning how to drive and "Eruption" came on the radio. Here was a band playing the same instruments as the other bands but this was different, they had Eddie Van Halen. This was also when I started studying vinyl liner notes. Why did they thank Gene Simmons I wondered.


Toys In the Attic - Aerosmith - This is one of those albums I bought because I thought the cover was cool. I hadn't even heard them yet but the cover made me curious and it paid off. This album, with gems like the title track and "Round and Round", set me on a path as an Aerosmith loyalist for the next decade.


I have passed this passion along to my son, Mikey. Soon we will have a new place to explore, share stories and bond over the gift of music. Thank you Sound House Records. We will see you soon.



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