Another restaurant is set to make its debut in the Capital Region. I am excited for this one being that their commercials already play here.

Lets start off with the hotel. Hyatt House will be constructing a 4 story, 110 room hotel to be built at 144 Wolf Road. They are planning for the construction to move along very quickly says the Times Union quoting the developer Tom Burke "Sooner is better". What makes this hotel appealing in my opinion is the fact that the rooms seem pretty amazing. Rooms aimed to allow people to stay longer with an at home feel.

Onto the restaurant. At the location that used to be Lazare Lincoln, which although a separate sight is right next door to the hotel. Longhorn Steakhouse is going to be coming to that location building its first chain in the area. There is said to be another restaurant building coming that the tenant has yet to identify a well. We can all hope for Chick-Fil-A!! Either way I am stoked for Longhorn Steakhouse.


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