We have all taken an Uber, it has been awesome having them in the Capital Region, well, if you ever were nervous.. This may be a solution to that.

Uber is amazing to have in the area, its great for a Friday or Saturday night out. It may suck if you are leaving an event, but I suppose that is a trade-off. I myself never would feel too uncomfortable taking an Uber, but I can understand maybe a female may late at night and alone. Here is what Uber is doing to possibly ease those nervous feelings.

Alright, so there are a few things. First of which is an emergency button according to News 10. Also a ride check option which will set flags. These both are huge things and will provide peace of mind to many and make you more at ease in taking an Uber late at night if you weren't too keen.

As of this moment, nothing is announced for the Capital Region for these. Which I don't know why, why can't this just be a rollout for every user?

Read more from News 10, here.

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