It is one of the biggest mysteries of the last 75 years.  Where did Amelia Earhart go?  This summer, a new search is going to begin after a new look at an old photo may shed new light on the disappearance. 


Apparently science is bored with modern day mysteries and has decided rehash ones from years ago.  Just a few weeks after learning that they are still trying to figure out how the Titanic sunk, they are going to look into locating Amelia Earhart 75 years after her disappearance.

Now, Earhart's mystery disappearance is seriously a brain buster, but after this long what would finding her prove?   Maybe it will just bring some closure to her family who never got answers, and it will no doubt make our government feel good.

Hillary Clinton will be spearheading the new search that will begin in June.  An enhanced version of a 1937 photo of the island of Nikumaroro revealed something that could be the landing gear of a plane, a plane that could have been Earhart's.  Let's not hold our breath though.  We all know that she was abducted by aliens and is in a galaxy far away from here.

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