New Search For Amelia Earhart Will Begin
It is one of the biggest mysteries of the last 75 years.  Where did Amelia Earhart go?  This summer, a new search is going to begin after a new look at an old photo may shed new light on the disappearance.
Producer Joe’s Mystery Stunt Revealed [VIDEO]
On Friday Producer Joe had a surprise waiting for him when he came in.  All week long the guys talked about how they had quite to mystery stunt planned for him, so we could only imagine what was in store for Joe.  Once again the Free Beer & Hot Wings show did not disappoint.
Do You Recognize This Celebrity?
Yesterday People Magazine put up a photo of an artist from the 1990's that use to have a trademark look.  Now though, it looks like she doesn't care what she looks like.  Do you recognize who it is?  It will be revealed after the jump.
Anniversary of Ronnie James Dio’s Death
I was a little late jumping on the Dio train as I didn’t really know who he was until about 1984 when I first the song “The Last in Line”. Well, let me tell you that when I first heard I was completely blown away and had to listen to about 10 times in a row. The intro alone is worth listening to 10 …