This sounds like it's happening.

Nerd alert, I am a giant nerd, you have been warned. I like Star Trek, TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT. These shows are the actual reason I keep my Netflix every month. Michael Dorn, who plays Worf in TNG and DS9 has been involved in a campaign to do a new Star Trek series, with the ship being headed by Captain Worf.

Worf is one of the best characters from Star Trek, there's so much development that happens to him in his time on TNG, and then in DS9 he changes the course of the whole Klingon High Council. There's certainly more Worf to watch.

If this interview is any indication, it looks like the new show is going to happen/will dominate my life in the future. In the video Dorn discusses the very real possibility of former cast mates making appearances on the show, which honestly has become a Star Trek tradition. This cannot happen soon enough, though I'm willing to wait for the quality show I'm sure it will be.