2011 is in full gear, and February is right around the corner.  It's hard to believe how much has happened already in this month alone within the news and in businesses. Starbucks has made several major moves already this year. Starbucks has introduced their new logo, new beverage size, and now they have a new way to pay for coffee.

Paying with your cellphone is the new spec that Starbucks is offering it's customers. The idea makes perfect sense, since mobile devices are starting to hold functions for all our daily activities. This just gives us one more reason to never put our cellphones down. The coffee guru business has created an app to download for free on your cellphones. It's essentially a barcode scanner.

It is expected to make everything run faster, unless, of course, your cell dies unexpectedly or your device just doesn't want to cooperate.  If all else fails, I suppose we can just pay the old-fashioned way and use the money in our pockets, but that is so 2010.

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