Another study that can be filled under “No duh” has been completed and it looks like the results are just as surprising as the rising of the sun every day.  As it turns out most men would break up with their partner if they failed to satisfy them in the bed room. So ladies take note, you can be a evil difficult bitch of a woman but as long as you are a nasty freak in the sheets you will have a fighting chance in a long lasting relationship.

Forget love and companionship, for one in six men a relationship is dependent on performance between the sheets - and they would leave a partner who failed to satisfy them in bed. -DM

I can’t agree with this study more. is there really people out there that are all like “well she never gives it up and I spend most of the time surfing the internet and giving myself carpal tunnel, but man she’s super nice and I love her”? No, this is just not in human nature. The list of importance to men goes as such…

  1. Have sex
  2. Eat
  3. Play video games
  4. Find love


There is no switching the order of things and that’s final. If you are not giving it up and if you are not getting him off then you can kiss the long nights of watching re runs of “Murphy Brown” together on the couch goodbye!

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