I guess we really should feel lucky, they seem to be pretty high on the list. A fact I bet you didn't know, I sure didn't.

When you think about it though, it makes complete sense. You could for ages name off quite a few breweries in the area. All of them are amazing! I mean I challenge you to walk out of Browns in Troy upset. With either the beer or the food. Same would go for Druthers.

These are only a few of the breweries locally that contribute to New Yorks placement on the list. Think about the others throughout the state. Matt Brewing Company well known for Saranac, also the owner of Utica Club. Our state is also home to Ommegang, Brooklyn, and Keegan Ales to name a couple more.

New York's production rate of over 1.2 million barrels of craft beer per year ranks sixth in the country, according to the Brewers Association, while the $3.4 billion of total economic impact in the craft beer industry is the fourth highest. TIMES UNION

New York comes in at number six in the country for craft beer production and I say you get out and enjoy it. There are only five states that produce more craft beer than the empire state.