I had to run out yesterday for just a few things at the grocery store. My opinion was cemented on this matter within a minute on the road.

So all I needed was a 30 pack or beer and pizza sauce. That was it. I have to go down a few hills from where I live to get to a grocery store. I knew it was snowing but didn't think that would cause an issue. Man, was I surprised. I saw a meme earlier in the day that chuckled at about southerners driving in flurries. That's how I felt about my fellow drivers yesterday.

First off, I was going 30 in a 40 mile an hour zone when a Hyundai cut me off. I was screaming angrily "You don't cut someone off in a storm you idiot!!". Then he decided to only go 15 MPH and brake check me as soon as he got on the road while I was slowing down anyway. That dude was trying to get in an accident it seemed. Then of course from there, everyone was just going 5 MPH with at the time what was a dusting on the ground.

I was insanely aggravated. Am I wrong? I also saw a Ford barrelling down a hill in circles. That was a bit scary. All of this from a storm that resulted in two or so inches of snow. This makes me very nervous for a big storm.

I think as a whole New Yorkers aren't that bad, but yesterday made me think we suck. We have to deal with driving in the snow every year. But we always also get behind people who are being either too overly-cautious or people who are being dumb and not slowing down at all. I tend to be right up the middle.

What do you think, are New Yorkers good or bad in the snow?