Okay, once and for all can we just please stop the crazy gender reveal parties? What started out as a fun surprise at a baby shower with a pink or blue cake has become so elaborate and sometimes dangerous that people are dying.

The latest death, and the second since 2019, Christopher Pekny from Liberty, NY didn't even happen at the gender reveal party. According to the story from News 10 Christoper was prepping for the gender reveal party with his brother Michael Pekny. They were making an explosive device that when it detonated it would reveal pink or blue smoke or flame or fireworks. There are few details about the actual device other than that it consisted of a pipe. So, one can assume it was some type of improvised pipe bomb.

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While Christopher was building the device it exploded killing the 28-year-old father to be and injured his 27-year-old brother who was taken to the hospital after the blast. In addition, the New York State Police Bomb Disposal Unit was brought in to dispose of the explosives and investigate the accident.

This is just another death that has been caused by a stupid trend to do bigger and more over-the-top gender reveals. It's so senseless. The woman that is credited with creating this trend has even asked people to stop doing them after a gender reveal explosive caused a huge California wildfire.

I feel so bad for this family that is now mourning a loss of a father to be instead of celebrating a new life. Hopefully, in the wake of this tragedy, more people will take notice and stop all of these risky gender reveals.


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