New York Gender Reveal Turns Deadly
Okay, once and for all can we just please stop the crazy gender reveal parties? What started out as a fun surprise at a baby shower with a pink or blue cake has become so elaborate and sometimes dangerous that people are dying.
Rest in Peace Ed Dague, TV News Icon
Ed Dague, a local icon for television news, passed away on Sunday.
The Times Union reported that the famous anchor passed away at the age of 76.  Ed Dague was a face known to the likes of CBS, NBC, and WNYT.  He also however in his later years became known unfortunately for suffer…
Romaine Lettuce E.Coli Outbreak Causes First Fatality
As if you needed one more excuse to get out of eating your greens, here's a good one.  News 10 abc has reported that the Romaine lettuce E. Coli outbreak has caused it's first official fatality.  According to News 10 abc, the death was reported in California, noted by F…
Actor Verne Troyer Dead at Age 49
Actor Verne Troyer, known for his role as "Mini Me" in the Austin Powers movie series, has been confirmed dead as reported USA Today.  No cause of death was announced, however USA Today noted that the actor had a history of battles with addiction and mental health is…
Q103 Remembers
We are absolutely heart broken by the news of Chester Bennington's passing today and will be celebrating his life with the music he helped create through the rest of the day.
Remembering Chris Cornell
The news of Chris Cornell's passing this morning has been a tough pill to swallow. So to take away from the sadness we thought we'd take a look back at the good times and revisit his final Capital Region Performance.

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