To be completely honest, I really don't care if this happens. It won't phase me at all.

So what could change, what is even possible? I bet that is your exact thought, right? So yeah, nothing will really change if you are always in the front seat. Yes, you still are required to wear your seat belt.

To those who are adults and have gotten used to not wearing a seat belt in the back seat, you might want to start doing so. New York is looking to make it mandatory to wear a seat belt regardless of seating position in the car.

Member of the NYS Senate, David Carlucci, had this to say as to why,

"Not only are you posing a threat to yourself by not wearing a seat belt (in the rear of an automobile), but you're two times more likely to kill the driver of that vehicle if you're not wearing your seat belt,"  -Times Union 

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