There are 13 states that list an official state dinosaur. Unfortunately, New York isn't one of them. Now, I hear that a state representative from Massachusetts is lobbying for the state to adopt an official dino. We can't let those chowderheads claim the best dinosaur...we need to act now! According to News 10, paleontologists are working with Massachusetts state officials to help pick the Official State Dinosaur from a couple that was found in Massachusetts.

After doing a quick google search I realized that the Tyrannosaurus Rex hasn't been claimed, yet. It might be a stretch for New York to claim the king of the dinos, but why not we should go for it.

Currently, other states like Wyoming and Colorado have claimed two of the coolest dinosaurs. Wyoming has Tricertetops and Colorado has Stegasaurus. Currently, the T-Rex is unclaimed. I feel like this is fantasy football and someone forgot to draft Patrick Mahomes. We need to act swiftly. Obviously, the T-Rex would be the first choice in this Dino Draft, but what dinosaurs actually lived in New York millions of years ago? Unfortunately, the Tyrannosaurus Rex wasn't one of them.

According to The American National History Museum, New York kinda drew the short end of the stick when it comes to the dinosaurs that roamed the Empire state.

We did have American Mastodons and a giant prehistoric Giant Short-Faced Bear and Giant Beaver roaming the area. There are also been prehistoric footprints of a little dino called a Grallator. In my opinion, these dinosaurs really don't represent the spirit of New York like a T-Rex would.

So, before Massachutes steals our Official State Dinosaur, we need to act now.

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