Looking for a cheap date? Well, New York may not be the place to do that.

You won't believe how much the "average date" costs in New York. New York actually landed as the most expensive state for a date on a list posted by newyorkupstate.com (though the info they report came from match.com).

The price tag? A ridiculous $297.27 for the average date.

No. Way. Think about a really great date. I mean a really really fun date. Like going to hang out see an amazing rock show at SPAC. Lawn seats? Well range them $25-$50 a piece. So that's $100. Throw in gas money, some food. I can see how it would add up. But every date is not a rock show.

I get the movies can be expensive and that's a casual date. But I, frankly, have a dinner-and-a-movie friend date EVERY week and it's NOT $290 each time.

So an average of $297.27 per date in New York?! I'm going to venture to guess that areas like New York City where things are stupid expensive might be skewing this. I'm also going to guess that people are wasting their money, because if it is costing that much a date to make someone like you, there might be a bigger issue.

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