Apparently, no one tells this man to stop. Officials say a New York state man driving a truck with a snowplow decided to test out his gear by plowing over at least twelve stop signs. Now, he is facing a whole host of charges, including felony DWI. What happened here? You can almost imagine Sammy Hagar's I Can't Drive 55 playing through his mind as he took out one stop sign after the other during his alleged drunken binge.

While the alleged demolition derby happened early New Year's Day, police shared the details of the incident on their Facebook page Tuesday. Police say the 36-year-old man from Clay, NY drove his truck with the plow attached around town, destroying at least twelve of the stop signs. However, it appears his free-for-all came to an end when police found his cell phone next to one of the mowed-over stop signs he just annihilated. Law enforcement says he was under the influence of alcohol when they finally caught up with him.

These are some of the crazy things you see on the roads. How about this guy? You may remember one of your family members jokingly saying they're going to watch where they walk on the sidewalks when you first got your driver's license. More than likely, of course, you never had any intention of actually driving on the sidewalks. Well, this guy did, according to police.

You can see his mugshot on the CBS page right here. He looks quite proud of himself.

Police say they spotted the man driving a damaged vehicle with multiple flat tires on a Monday afternoon in mid January. CBS says that the 21-year-old Albany man was also hitting utility boxes and even driving up on sidewalks. There is no word whether or not if he was driving under the influence, or just out to cause general mayhem that particular day. CBS says that he eventually lead officials on a pursuit that took them on to I-87.

The chase finally ended when the vehicle he was driving was too damaged to go any further. the man is now facing a number of charges, including reckless driving.

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