A New York State trooper is lucky to escape injury after being struck from behind by another vehicle. There aren't too many details available as of yet, however, WNYT says the trooper was stopped at a traffic light when the accident occurred. Officials say the person in the other vehicle was intoxicated, at more than twice the state's legal limit. It is yet another case of some of the random dangers you encounter on the roads across New York state.

WNYT says the accident happened when the trooper was stopped and the alleged drunk driver hit them from behind. Police brought the driver to Clifton Park headquarters where she was given a breathalyzer. Authorities say she ended up blowing a .19% BAC, which is more than double the legal limit. The Albany woman is now facing undisclosed charges.

In other news, you may remember this story from July 2021? Some people might think it's okay to get behind the wheel if you've had quite a few as long as it's not a car or truck. A 42-year-old New York state man quickly found out that was not the case after he was busted for driving his 1982 Hesston tractor while plastered, according to officials. And by plastered, we're talking about nearly four times the legal limit, according to police.

The NY Post says the Peterson, NY man was witnessed by police swerving down the road on his tractor on July 5. Police pulled the man over and administered field sobriety tests, which he failed, according to a press release. Police say his blood-alcohol level was .31%, which is nearly quadruple the state's .08% legal limit. He has now been charged with Aggravated Driving While Intoxicated, according to the police release. One could say, he was definitely plowed.

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