Nickelback have just premiered their new video for ‘Trying Not To Love You’ that might surprise fans of the big ballad. Taking a very different approach to the yearning love song, the tune get’s a light-hearted make-over in the clip with a very special guest star.

The tongue-in-cheek video stars Jason Alexander, famous for playing the lovable loser George Costanza on the long-running TV sitcom ‘Seinfeld,’ as a quirky barrister named Bud with some exceptional skills.

He falls in love at first sight with a coffee-drinking goddess played by Brooke Burns and the video follows suit into a full-fledged, caffeinated, fantasy. A fantasy with all the fixings from a bikini clad Burns floating throughout the galaxy plucking teacups out of the sky, to floating around in a larger than life latte to rolling around smothering herself in a vat of coffee beans. No, really.

Bud’s fantasy comes to a screeching halt when he gets some heavy competition in the coffee shop and has to compete for his love’s affection; watch the video above to see how it ends. Does coffee shop love story have a happy ending?

‘Trying Not To Love You’ is the fifth single from the band’s 2011 release ‘Here and Now.’


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