Just like the Hinder song says "the sex is so much better when you're mad at me." However, in Massachusetts that might not be allowed by law soon.

Massachusetts State Sen. Richard J. Ross has submitted a new law that would require men and women alike who are married, have children, and are seeking a divorce to ask for a judges permission before any type of meeting, date, or intercourse could happen. Wither that's between the two parties or one party beginning anew.

As highlighted in the provision that Ross has submitted:

In divorce, separation, or 209A proceedings involving children and a marital home, the party remaining in the home shall not conduct a dating or sexual relationship within the home until a divorce is final and all financial and custody issues are resolved, unless the express permission is granted by the courts.

Currently in the state, those seeking divorce must wait a 120 day period before it can become finalized with no penalty if one party starts a new relationship in that time. The 120 period begins only after the judge has approved it. The new law, as seen above, does not mention what the penalty would be for those who decide to break the pre-divorce law.

The law was delivered in 2013 for consideration and as of last Thursday received an extension so that the State House can look further in to it.

ThinkProgress, who originally reported the story, says they have received word from Mr. Ross' staff saying that is doesn't back this bill. That, in fact, it was submitted by Ross on behalf of a constituent as state law allows.

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