Alright, who's ready to plan a beach trip?!?!

I would say let's go right now but it looks like it's not much warmer in Myrtle Beach than it is in the Capital Region at the moment. Plus the flights aren't exactly available as of yet but I am ready to start planning a summer and maybe a spring vacation!

You know Myrtle Beach is a pretty popular vacation destination but to drive there it will take you more than half a day and as of right now to fly there you have to make a connection in one or even two different cities which also makes travel super time-consuming.

Well, according to WNYT Elite Airways is about to start offering non-stop flights from Albany International Airpot to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The flights will operate on Thursdays and Sundays beginning on April 5th and are pretty perfect for a long weekend getaway to the beach!

The cost for the non-stop flights aren't super cheap but aren't exactly expensive either. Flights will start at $199 each way but on the upside your first checked bag is FREE!