This Spring you will be able to fly south on the cheap from Albany International Airport to Raleigh-Durham in North Carolina.

When they say on the cheap they mean it! These flights are significantly less than those that were offered to Myrtle Beach last spring.

Starting April 30th discount airline Frontier will begin offering nonstop service from Albany International Airport to Raleigh-Durham North Carolina. The airline will offer 3 weekly flights down south on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. I know, it's not exactly ideal that you can't hop a flight without taking a day or two off but but at $35 - $55ish each way you kind of can't beat that!

Do be sure to pack light and read the fine print though when booking your flight. While the flight fare is low it doesn't include much else than a seat and you will probably have to pay more for any extras (not that that's too surprising anymore.)