I don't care if you call it a Bi - Level, Canadian passport, Kentucky waterfall, The Missouri compromise or the Tennessee top hat....the mullet of the 80's is back according to an article on www.twentytwowords.com

The Mullet, yes I rocked one for many years in the 80's. Just like a lot of you. This is me looking like the 80's threw up all over me....it's hard to tell, but my hair was down to my shoulders in back.

So what has caused this resurgence of Achey-Breaky-Mistakey? People are pointing directly to the character Billy from Stranger Things as the main catalyst.  He has a pretty amazing mullet that people in the 80's would have been jealous of.


So the next time you're getting your haircut....ask for the Beaver Paddle and be on the cutting edge of fashion....or not.