What's better than some good old nostalgia.  Especially when it comes to movies!

A throwback movie is fun, it's comfortable, it's known.  Interestingly enough however, I wouldn't have guessed New York's favorite 1990's movie.  I recently came across a list of each state's favorite movie from the 1990's, put together by analysts at Frontier Bundles.  Just looking at the movie list alone made me want to head to a rental store to get some of them.  Until I remembered that move rental stores no longer really exist, and I have to search the internet or download the movies somewhere.  That kind of made the nostalgia wear off.  But nonetheless, here's New York's- and some of our surrounding states- favorite 1990's movies from the list:

  • New York:  Ghost
  • Massachusetts:  Titanic
  • Vermont:  Armageddon
  • New Jersey:  Saving Private Ryan
  • Ohio:  Home Alone
  • New Hampshire:  Saving Private Ryan
  • Maine:  Armageddon

I personally have to lean towards 'Home Alone' but that's just me.  You can see the whole list here!