We all heard about the ever-growing and a sometimes shrinking list of travel quarantine states that Governor Cuomo has been talking about for months. If you travel to New York from any state with a high coronavirus infection rate you are supposed to quarantine for 14 days. Well, it looks like that system is being scrapped for another system.

The new system will allow travelers from other non-neighboring states to avoid the 14-day quarantine by getting a coronavirus test before, and after, they arrive in the state. Governor Cuomo said in his press conference that a traveler must test negative no more than three days before entering New York, then they still need to quarantine for three days and then get tested again. If it's negative again they can stop quarantining. This change was made for two main reasons. One, because it was really had to enforce the 14-day quarantine with so many people traveling into New York. Secondly, there is a nationwide surge in coronavirus cases. That surge puts almost every state on the quarantine list anyway.

Neighboring states like Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Jersey are not included in the new quarantine or coronavirus test system. Although, Governor Cuomo has cautioned these states are seeing an increase in cases and we should try to avoid non-essential travel even to neighboring states.

I know I have canceled my travel plans over the last six months because of the quarantine rule. I was supported to travel to Nebraska back in June but canceled my trip because I would have to quarantine for 14 days after I got back.

I'll be curious how this affects holiday travel for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

For more information on Governor Cuomo's new travel quarantine/test, program go to the Governor's website.

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