Police Body Camera Footage should be accessible to the public. This seems like common sense but the Police Union wanted to be able to keep this information private. That seems counterproductive for the public not to be able to have access to the information.

According to the Appellate Court System.

Police body camera footage is subject to public disclosure under New York law, a state appeals court ruled Tuesday.

The Appellate Division panel rejected a police union's argument that body camera footage constitutes a personal record and is therefore covered by a state law keeping police personnel records secret.

Keeping Body Camera footage private border tyranny. If you're not doing anything wrong you should have nothing to hide whether your a member of law enforcement or just a regular person. The public should be allowed to police the police anything else seems like hypocritical to basic freedom. It's troubling that a police union would go through several appeals in order to keep daily policing private. Everything needs checks and balances including law enforcement. I'm all for body cameras and I think they should add a penalty for officers who refuse to comply with the use of body cameras.

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