There comes a time when you should really just have common sense. Also how is this any different than the laws that have been out for years?

Now let me make this clear, I have no issue with the topic here but its really common sense right? I found an article from the good people at News 10 that said NY is warning people about the dangers of taking selfies while driving. Well duh!!

In my mind for the DMV to push out a statement like this to me stupid. Of course its all truthful but it should at this point to all drivers on the road be common sense. AAA had said that you can drive the length of two football fields in the time that it would take you to get a selfie at highway speed. Very dangerous when you think about it. Also why texting is dangerous. That's it for my rant though, good message but duh..

For more on the story visit News 10 at the link below.

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