This goes for women's, men's, family, and gender neutral restrooms.

It's about time. Look, I don't have children of my own but I have like a million nieces and nephews and obviously the brothers and sisters that produced said nieces and nephews and I have found it a bit perplexing that not all public restrooms have a spot to change a kids diaper. The women's restrooms tend to be the one where you are more likely to find a changing station but there has been occasions where I have been out with kids and their fathers where I have been the one that had to take care of the dirty work because there was no changing station in the men's room (or so I've been told).

Well, moving forward this shouldn't be an issue in New York State According to News10 as part of the recently approved state budget lawmakers added a provision to

Require all new publicly accessible bathrooms to have diaper changing stations.

The new rule will apply to men's and women's bathrooms and will cover any new or renovated restroom open to the public.

NYS looking out for all those parental units out there. Better late than never right?