I feel like they just need to make this happen already so we can put those tax dollars to good use. Like fixing the 8 million potholes in this city that wreck my car on the daily.

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Pot for potholes! I like the sound of that ... even though I highly doubt that will be first on the list once this finally happens, but one can hope.

According to WWNYTV some of our New York state law makers are trying to make a big push here to get recreational marijuana legalized in the state before the last week or so of legislative season runs out. They are doing so by reintroducing the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act. The act aims to legalize recreational marijuana by establishing a legal market for marijuana in New York and tax and regulate it like they do alcohol.

Which at this point in time really makes the most sense if you ask me. This article says that New Yorker's spend roughly 3 BILLION dollars a year on the green stuff! I mean it was only a matter of time before the government was going to want it's cut right? And who knows, maybe they can do some good with that extra cash coming in. I feel like I remember reading up on what was happening when Colorado first legalized it and it really benefited everyone with like the entire state getting cash back at the end of the year because they had made so much in taxes.

I don't know about you but I like cash. Not to mention, nothing in the forever that marijuana has been a thing has seemed to stop people from using it so it's probably about time we dropped the stigma and allowed people to use it legally and responsibly.

What to you think? Legalize recreational Marijuana, yes or no?


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