I don't know what is scarier the fact that this house is legit haunted or that New York actually stepped out on a limb to declare it so, which usually doesn't happen.

Obviously for a state to say it is haunted there has to be legit proof to verify it, and this house has some horrifying facts within. The incidents began happening when a woman by the name of Helen Ackley moved her family into the home in 1960. Helen began reporting of weird occurrences to nobody's belief. One man who was young and healthy like everyone else questioned her too. The exception is when he went to the home to ask questions over dinner, he died of a brain aneurysm. You can sit there and say to yourself "That doesn't mean anything, people get them at all ages". You would be right, but no no no that's not all.

Spirits that roamed the house were known for waking everyone up in the morning by shaking their beds. The family just began to live with that. I don't know, I don't want a ghost deciding when I will awake. The spookier part is before bed one night where there wasn't school the next day Helen had actually said out loud in front of everyone "There is no school tomorrow morning, please don't wake us up", her request was granted. The spirits didn't wake them which only fueled the fire in their mind that the house was indeed haunted.

Beyond that Helen had spoken with people from Readers Digest of moments where she would be in the living room painting and a spirit who she described as a man stared at her, floating in mid air. I don't know about you but that would make me go running for the door.

The home is located at 1 Laveta Place in Nyack, NY. I personally have absolutely no interest in going to a place like this. I will continue to enjoy reading about these kinds of home or maybe even watch a movie about the Amityville murders in the 1970's. Are there any haunted houses here in the Capital Region? I know that we have a cemetery or two in our midst that are considered to be pretty haunted, but hey, cemetery, dead people. More on the haunted house in Nyack is at the link below. If you type the address to the home into google all kinds of stories pop up.