Once again someone has decided to fly off the handle with a ill rational response after a mistake they made was corrected by the authorities.

After receiving a parking ticket in Hoboken N.J., an unnamed 39 year old woman marched down to the station to let the issuing officer know how she felt about the ticket. This lead to a shoving match that ended with poo in the officers face. The woman told authorities that she use a paper cup to scoop up the waste. Not sure when she found the time in the middle of a pushing match or if I believe that she used a paper cup.

In most cases when a law is broken there are repercussions. And just because you receive a traffic ticket doesn't mean the officer has a personal problem with you. It literally means you broke the law and you are being punished for it.

And no matter how much you may not like it, you still face the music like an adult and pay your fine or at least like I like to think most of us do anyway.

Yet we still see news stories like this one where someone goes so far over the top they find themselves in jail.