There's only one thing left to do after you win the CFP National Championship and that is form a dance circle. Watching this post game celebration from Ohio state make me think back on how wrong I celebrated success in my life. I missed so many opportunities to dance in a circle and toss imaginary basket balls into inadvisable hoops. This is how you celebrate a win and I love it.

I've taken so many notes and you better believe I will for ever celebrate everything in this fashion. The next time I go to the grocery store and find a parking spot real close to the entrance I'm going to call up all my boys and bust out the old JVC Kaboom box and get down. Then I'm going to call up my whitest friend and have him throw down the weakest worm dance in the middle of all us all while almost kicking some old dude in a suite in the face.
Love this video and love this dude trying to walk through.