On January 19th 1992 "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair defeated 29 other participants for the WWF Championship, in Albany, NY, at the Knickerbocker Arena. This was the first time Flair captured the WWF Championship, the first and only time that the Royal Rumble match was for the  WWF Championship. It was the longest WWF Championship match and it was also the first and only time Rowdy Roddy Piper won a WWF title, and it all happened right here in Albany, NY!!!


I can still remember the day, I was 12 years old and because there was no way my folks were going to pay for tickets to such a big event, my mom took me down to the arena just to peak at the wrestlers before the big event. I stood at the front doors of the arena with my chubby face pressed against the glass in hopes of seeing Hulk Hogan.

Where were you?

BONUS: This was not the only time Wrestling history was made in Albany, NY, do you know what other historic wrestling events took place right here in Albany, NY? I will give you a hint: Q103 used to be called?

Now lets see what the Real American Wrestling Critics think.