If everything gets approved, it looks as if there will be more development coming to Glenville. A proposal is being discussed that would take the old Hortsman Strawberry Farm and turn it into condos, apartments, and other commercial space.

Horstman Strawberry Farm was a u-pick farm in Glenville that opened back in 1980 and closed at the end of July 2014. Part of the land was sold to the Baptist Health System for the Judson Meadows Assisted Living Community back in 2012. Now the rest of the farm is slated for development if the plan is approved.

Who is Proposing This Development?

They are calling it a mixed-use development. That means that over eleven acres will be rezoned to build condos, apartments, and two commercial buildings. The Clifton Park company is known as New York Development LLC wants to build the project.

What is on the Agenda to Build on the Old Strawberry Farm?

They say they will build thirteen four-unit two-story condos and two eight thousand square foot retail with apartments building on the biggest part of the four sections. This would be east of Swaggertown Road. There would also be two commercial buildings erected on the Route 50 side of the old strawberry farm according to Albany Business Review. On the other side of Swaggertown Road,  they want to build six two-story, two-unit condos.

What Happens Next?

The proposal is now in the hands of the town's planning and zoning commission. That is where the town board will have the final say whether to approve the development.

Could the U-Pick Strawberry Farm be Saved?

According to a spokesperson for the farm, they said:

I think the days of someone buying up a farm are probably over. Finding someone to use it for that purpose is probably difficult.

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