I am still trying to wrap my head around how data is collected when it comes to a cloudy city. Maybe that is why people hate this city so much.

Well, is there any other city in the Capital Region it could be? Our beloved New York State capital of Albany. Now it actually isn't all that far down the list to be honest either. We are the nineteenth cloudiest in the entire United States and just a few hours west, Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo made the list and they are even worse than us.

So from what it seems the data being gathered is based off of the amount of sunshine a city has. Albany is right up the middle with fifty percent. A professor at SUNY Oswego is placing blame on the Great Lakes that border the state as a main culprit. According to him from September to March they just produce much more clouds.

On the positive side, at least we aren't Mt. Washington, New Hampshire. They dragged in the number one slot.