I’m not a Doctor (yet), but this is a result of women shedding their hair because it’s spring time, right? Big globs of chicks hair don’t just fall out for no good reason, this has got to be from foul play or the act of mother nature.

I guess I shouldn’t have labeled this “Only In Albany” because the reality of the situation is this could have shown up in any city. Brooklyn, Baltimore, Atlanta (aka Hot-Lanta), St. Louis… the list goes on. Basically any place in the country where the women are not satisfied with their own natural hair this glob of tattered head muff could show up. As long as there are women with fake hair and attitudes you can bet someone somewhere is yanking it out and leaving it on a side walk. You can also bet there is a guy just like me out there taking pictures and examining it like it was the rare shed skin of a tropical locus.

PS: is this picture making anyone else hungry for some cotton candy?

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