Should Looking ‘Rock and Roll’ Matter for Work
Work- something that most of the time is a necessity.  That work-week grind can be exhausting.  And of course, there are all different types of work places, from offices to restaurants, to concert halls. As someone who has always worked in both music and healthcare in my professional life, I stumbled across an article that really raised an interested question...
Shia LaBeouf Has a Rat Tail And You Can Too [PHOTOS]
Shia LaBeouf's rattail > every man-bun ever — Marc Snetiker (@MarcSnetiker) March 2, 2015   I knew It I knew it! I never lost faith that the rat tail hair cut would come back into style and now that Shia LaBeouf is rocking one it's official.
This Guitarist Is at the Wrong Show [Video]
Sometimes, musicians get really into their music. This rocker is playing a gig with his sweet band mates. They seem to be a bit more chill than he is, but he is working his hairography as much as possible. This guy may need to see a chiropractor with the way he is whipping his hair...

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