Lets first off say, when I say gritty. I mean how the exterior looks. It is the Keith Stone cool type of gritty. Looks amazing. Own it!

Who wouldn't want to live in a freaking castle!! I know I would, especially this one right on Washington Park in Downtown Albany.

Think about it, you are just close enough to everything. Want to see Metallica at the Times Union Center? Walk there and back. Want to hit up Lark for so evening festivities? Walk there and back. Want to drink a Martini while sitting nude in your castle? Well, you have a castle. Do what you want!!

The woodwork shines so well in this place. The grand staircase is that of dream homes and best of all. The price actually isn't all that unaffordable. Like really, $750,000 for this home. Just rent out the top floor for like $2,000 a month and your mortgage will be typical!

Here are the photos,

Washington Park Castle

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