A decade-plus after shouting out ‘The Fundamental Elements of Southtown,’ P.O.D. are offering another salute to their hometown with the San Diego-based new video for ‘Higher.’

Singer Sonny Sandoval says, “We went through a bunch of treatments, and we loved the fact that the director wanted to do the video in San Diego. It’s our hometown. The treatment had a good vibe and it reminded us of how we felt when we saw the video for ‘Alive.’”

The clip, which was filmed by director Ramon Boutisveth, finds the band performing on a sunny San Diego day while other cityscapes, including a young kid making the most of the day by skateboarding through town, fill in the rest of the video’s visual focus. Plus, per a recent agreement, the band featured a number of Harley Davidson motorcycles in the clip.

‘Higher’ is the second single from the band’s ‘Murdered Love’ album, and you can catch them playing it during the upcoming summer and early fall dates on the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival. The tour launches tomorrow (Aug. 17) in Kansas City.

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