Despite the decline of their record sales, Papa Roach says that they will not stop touring and playing to fans.


Jacoby Shaddix isn't letting poor record sales slow down his band.  He recently sat down with The Pulse Of Radio to talk about his tour and the declining numbers.  Papa Roach continues to sell out shows across the country, but it their record sales seem to be at a halt. This isn't anything new to them.  They have been dealing with low record sales since the release of 2006's The Paramour Sessions.  Each of their albums since then has sold less and less and their latest effort, Time For Annihilation: On the Record and on the Road, has sold less then all the previous albums.

Despite the low sales their latest single "Burn" is a top 10 hit on rock radio across the country.  Shaddix said it feels good to see the song moving up the charts and said it's nice to see they are having the same success despite switching record labels.  Papa Roach switched to Eleven Seven Music after being with Interscope Records for over a decade.

It feels good to jump over to a new record company and maintain a level of success at rock radio and touring and stuff like that. It feels like, you know, 'cause this is a time of transition for the band a bit, you know, working with a new company and stuff, but it's going good, and it seems like there's a synergy and the band's stoked.

-Jacoby Shaddix

Papa Roach joined the Jagermesiter Music Tour with fellow Eleven Seven artist Buckcherry as of yesterday and will continue with that until they head out this spring with Red.  Shaddix also said that Papa Roach is a touring band and that's how it's always going to be.  They aren't working on a new album and are just going to continue doing what they are doing and that's playing the music that their fans love and enjoy.