Today is Dalton's Birthday! Don't forget to wish him a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY," but it has to be in all caps because he is getting older and may not be able to read your "happy birthday." See how that works? You could barely see that one. 


How do you party like a peacock?

You start off like this:

If you watched this video, you're probably not as confused as I was, because you could read this first. So you would know that this is a video about an actual Dalton Castle. It is not the Dalton Castle's birthday though, it is "The Dalton Castle's" birthday!

Yeah, it is also Grammar Day.

What did I get for Dalton for his birthday?

I am going to do my best not to toot from my bottom in the studio this morning. So that when he gets here it will not smell like my bum-bum for once, I also made this blog. What should you get Dalton for his birthday? Listen to Q103 and check out more of his videos on Youtube.

FUN FACT: Vik is blowing boogers on me.

FUN FACT: That was my sign, that got ripped up.

FUN FACT: I am not stalking Dalton, I just happen to be in the same place as him, sometimes.

FUN FACT: I am not in the background of this one, but they are talking about me when they are talking about "Board Op, Dan."

FUN FACT: I am not in the background of this one! Oh wait, I shot and made this video.

In conclusion, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DALTON! Not the Castle. Dalton Castle, but not the Dalton Castle, Castle. Q103's Dalton Castle.

One more thing. Going back to our conversation three years ago, so you have never heard of Zang He? And he has no influence on your character?