Paul McCartney was paid 1 British Pound to play the opening ceremonies and I say that was about 1 pound too much!
USA today is reporting that the former Beatle was paid the minimum amount of $1.57 American to make his contract binding. After watching his performance I say he was way over paid. Listen, I understand Paul McCarnty is a legend and no one can ever take that away from him. Much like how nobody will ever take the memories of me watching his saggy nose less face stumble through “Hey Jude” during the 2012 opening ceremonies.

Yes Paul McCartney WAS amazing, but not anymore. If you’re going to have him sing at least have the decency to reframe from using any close up shots of his soggy face. Think about the children watching at home and how puzzled they must feel as their parents struggle to explain to them why the man on TV looks as if he has been locked inside a Crock-pot for 15 years.